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Whole Brain Teaching Strategies

Ages 5-9 or 1st,2nd,& 3rd Grade.

Teachers and homeschooling parents have found my strategies and techniques highly effective at motivating children to want to learn. This profound curriculum is changing children's attitudes about learning, test taking, and self esteem - because they're learning in a way children want to learn. You will see their attention to details and test scores dramatically improve.

It's not just a curriculum that I have for you – it's a revitalized teaching style that I have developed and tested over the last twenty years. Standard Based Curriculum Revitalized (SBCR) has transformed many struggling children, English language learners, at risk, RSP, and regular students into children who can achieve higher test scores. 

Please note that high achievers and gifted children love the challenges introduced in this program. You will find that they benefit by acknowledging and performing their leadership skills as demonstrated on the DVD.

My Books and DVDs ($24.46/book + shipping) will give you, as homeschooling teacher, guidelines on how to improve your child's learning experience.  You will learn some powerful teaching strategies that I have developed.  My books have instructions on how the lessons can be used as an academic homeschooling family event every week. Members of the whole family can participate - which will bring greater family unity.

If you're new to homeschooling, some of the concerns are socialization. Co-op group activities can be spiced up with academic games by using my lessons. You will see learning at it's best.

High self esteem creates a home or classroom filled with respectful enthusiastic children. The most intriguing aspect of SBCR is that your child or whole classroom will stay focused and have fun learning. It's a style that children really relate to.  This program makes foundational learning fun, and one that they can't get enough of.  Your children will now use their minds well and discover for themselves the enjoyment of learning and its benefits.

As homeschooling parents and educators, we're all working on improving our skills. Come to a workshop near you. There you will see Standard Based Curriculum Revitalized in action, learn about how to motivate children to want to learn in a fun and exciting way, 100% participation, home and classroom management, and so much more.



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