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Standard Based Curriculum Revitalized is not just for students who struggle, but is excellent for the high achievers. It gives them the opportunity to actively participate in a leadership role.

Sunday's Album Photo

Homeschool was a desire of Sunday Heppner (below) early on, as she enjoyed learning from her mother.  She's had an interesting entertainment background and that creativity has helped her as a teacher for over thirty years. 

She grew up in the state of Washington on a humble family farm.  Each day before school,  you'd find her working in the field with other members of her family.  It was extremely hard work.  That's when she decided to better herself someday by attending college.  The farm life was not where she wanted to be.

At the young age of five, she loved singing and dancing.  When Sunday was thirteen, her mother gave her a lot of support and would wait outside in the car while Sunday sang with a teenage band till after midnight to take her home. By the time she was sixteen, she was recording records for a subsidiary of Capitol Records and performed on Dick Clark's American Bandstand (right). Sunday sang a song written by Mike Curb entitled, "You Won't Even Know Her Name".

George Sherlock, then the promotion man for the Mick Jagger Sunday after breakfast Rolling Stones who made their record "Satisfaction"a hit in the United States.  Sherlock later became her manager.   In San Diego, she was in the warm up band before the Rolling Stones performed (left). Is a photo of Sunday and Mick Jagger after breakfast.  She also had an opportunity to meet and spend some time with Elvis Presley.  

It was Sherlock that suggested someday she should seriously think about becoming a teacher if she didn't make it as a singer. He was a rather insightful individual.

Sunday made her way to Orange County and attended California State University Long Beach, graduated as a Music Major, then went on to receive her teaching credential.

The last two years, Sunday Heppner has been in the "Who's Who Among America's Teachers" 2005 -2006 and 2006 - 2007. Her students love the way she teaches and it really shows come test time.

Sunday Mentoring Library co-op







Each year Sunday is challenged by children who are at risk,English Language Learners (ELL), and RSP students.  By using her program she transforms these struggling children into enthusiastic learners. You just can't believe they're the same group of students. Their attitude towards school and learning are reflected in their test scores. Her methods have been so successful that she is currently looking into how to work with Autistic children.


It's no doubt after talking with Sunday, that she has a passion for teaching and interacting with the children - but it was not always that way.  The first few years of teaching, she had a third grade class with two gangs.  In short, the two gangs were causing  a lot of disruption.  She had to come up with a solution because her job was at stake.  The curriculum she was given was not working with this unruly class.  Kids had their hands and mouth going all the time.   She was frustrated.  So out of frustration,  Sunday developed a rather creative strategy that really turned her teaching and enjoyment level up.  As you could imagine, so did the her students test scores.

The children were now extremely focused on learning curriculum.  So much so that it wasn't  uncommon to have them not  want to leave for recess, or go home at the end of the day.  They would rather stay at school and learn, because learning was loads of fun.  Sunday's curriculum made them feel smart and good about themselves.  

Top right of this page is a clip of Sunday Heppner singing on American Bandstand.

Dick Clark's American Bandstand on ABC

Dick Clark American Bandstand and Sunday

(below) Sunday with Brian Wilson - Beach Boys

 Brian Wilson and Sunday now teacher

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