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"This program is most effective with our English Learners as it reinforces basic language skills which are sometimes difficult to grasp. Research has shown that involving activities that stimulate the music areas of the brain offers another way for students to embrace the English language. Retention of the skills learned is very high.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this active fun-filled teaching program. It has and will continue to provide a great impact upon the learning of students."

George Cottrell, Ph.D. California State University, Fullerton


"I began using Creative Teaching Hurrah/SBCR approximately eighteen years ago and continue to be impressed by the program.  Throughout the years I have observed how quickly my students grasp and retain the various reading skills introduced. The program reaches children of many diverse backgrounds and abilities." 

Cheryl Rushing, Teacher
Whitaker School
Buena Park School District

Whenever I am asked about my favorite grade or teacher, I quickly reply, "Mrs. Heppner, third grade."  Learning was fun.  We moved.  We danced. We sang.  We learned! I don't know how she did it, but I still can recall songs and chants that she taught me.  I loved school and the engaging classroom she created.  She inspired me to become a teacher!

Heather Grethe
Teacher - 2nd Grade,Whitaker School
Buena Park School District

"Believing that “Motor life is Mental Life,” I have found this method ideal for reaching even the more severely learning disabled. Students are motivated and stimulated by the rhythm and movement so total involvement is easily achieved. Attention span and listening skills increase as students master facts and concepts in various subjects."

Ruth Parker, M.A. former Resource Specialist
Gilbert School
Buena Park School District

"These lessons create the atmosphere where students can and do perform to high standards and they love doing it. Ms. Heppner has been a Mentor and Master teacher for the Buena Park School District. Her students, regardless of their home language excel in district and state assessments because these lessons encourage 100% participation and motivate students. Also teachers receive many psychological benefits when using Standard Based Curriculum Revitalized."

Julie Lewis, M.Ed. Resource Specialist
Upland Unified School District


"Sunday Heppner graciously allows her students to lead my first grade classroom in several lessons which are depicted in her book, Standard Based Curriculum Revitalized. My students are fully engaged in the lessons and enjoy the learning. In fact, after several lessons, I tested my students on skills from the lessons and 90% of my students scored proficient on a skills assessment. The initial assessment showed only 10% of my students scored proficient. I am a true believer in Ms. Heppner's program!"

Douglas Gunderson, Teacher
Beatty School
Buena Park School District


"This school year I have successfully implemented Sunday Heppner's program as outlined in her book, Standard Based Curriculum Revitalized with my first grade Structured English Immersion class. This program uses a variety of instructional strategies to respond to my students' diverse needs. Ms. Heppner's program helps me to teach subject matter, critical thinking, and rote skills in meaningful activities; indeed, the retention of the skills learned is impressive. With 100% participation, my students have increased their vocabularies, attention spans and listening skills in a low anxiety environment. Overall, I am truly a proponent of Standard Based Curriculum Revitalized!"

Ann Gunderson, Teacher
Beatty School
Buena Park School District


"Ms. Heppner has taken the everyday common standard English lessons and turned them into a verbal physical activity that engages every student in my classroom. From the highest achiever, to the most challenged behavior problem. Every student is totally engaged in learning their English language arts standards. Ms. Heppner has achieved this with her own unique style of combining verbal physical activity along with a competitive learning element. I personally know numerous teachers who all have enjoyed her lessons for many years. Whenever I use her lessons my studnts get excited because they know how fun it is. In closing, I would like to give Ms. Heppner my highest commendation."

David Mauldin, 3rd grade Teacher
Beatty School
Buena Park School District


My son is in Ms. Heppner's 2nd grade class and has done an outstanding job academically this year. He displays enthusiasm for learning and truly enjoys doing Ms. Heppner's math and English drills. Because of Ms. Heppner, he has been introduced to the idea of leadership in peer situations. He and his classmates strive to do well behaviorally and academically in order that they may hold office in her classroom. When he has earned the duty of President or Vice-President in his class, he comes home excited and proud of his accomplishment. It is not uncommon to hear him share about the fun he had learning something in Ms. Heppner's classroom. As a parent, I am absolutely thrilled about Ms. Heppner's philosophy to "raise up leaders." I feel that she needs to be acknowledged for such an amazing job.

Ron and Tameka Taylor
Fullerton, California


My husband and I are writing to thank you for all the help that you have extended to our daughter when she was in second grade. The "Standard Based Curriculum Revitalized" book that you wrote and used in the classroom really made a dent in her interest in learning and school in general. She discovered that school is not at all overwhelming and scary but fun and found real joy in learning. Nowadays she does not need major incentive from us to motivate her to study, but her motivation comes from the fact that learning and learning new things is fun and exciting. We would like to appreciate you and recommend the book that you used with our daughter to our family and friends.

Mrs. Judy Tualla
Buena Park, California


"As the teacher scanning Ms. Heppner's lesson book, I recognize all the core standards that have to be taught and an easy way to teach them!

They were so easy and effective that the students just took over and exchanged chances to be the leader/facilitator with Ms. Heppner's lessons.

Children LOVE music, and these lessons have a beat their own!"

Ms. Betsy Noss
Teacher Beatty School
Buena Park School District



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